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Housings / Cartridges

H2O Solutions caries a wide variety of any type of filter cartridge for your home or office. We offer filter cartridges big or small to suite a variety of needs. Please keep in mind under sizing your filter is the worst thing you can do and it is important to know a variety of variable to properly size your filters. Variable such as GPM (gallons per minute), PPM (parts per millions), TDS (total dissolved solids) and water hardness are critical factors to consider when properly sizing your water filters and selecting the right size filter cartridges. If all of this sounds complicated it's because it is, but H2O Solutions have trained water experts who will professionally test all these important variable to make sure you do the job right the 1st time. We have seen many cases of improperly sized water systems and filters and knowing all the facts is the most important aspect of getting the job done right. If you have any problems, questions or concerns please give us a call.
Housing Catridges - Water Purification in Mechanicville, NY
Our filter cartridge systems can host a variety of filter media and different types of filters. Filter sizes can range anywhere from 10” standard cartridge up to 40” or larger. Our filter cartridges can also host all types of micron filters, carbon filters, resin filters, sub-micron, nano filters and all types of specialized filters for problems big or small. But please remember that cheap things are never good and good things are never cheap. If you are looking for a cheap filter we can provide you that, and if you are looking for commercial grade filter cartridges we also have those too. But once again what you really need all boils down to your exact water conditions and how much demand and use your water system will encounter. There are literally hundreds of different filter cartridges and filters used in water purification these days so please give us a call so we can find the most affordable solution for your needs.