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Commercial Water Purification in Mechanicville, New York

Commercial Industries We Serve

  • Spot-free rinse

  • Tool & Die Shops

  • Micro-electronics

  • Breweries

  • Laundries

  • Chemical Production

  • Power Generation

  • Heavy Manufacturing

  • Printing and Graphics

  • Hospitals

  • Hospitality—hotels, motels

  • Laboratories

  • Universities and Schools

  • Prisons/Correctional Facilities

  • Nursing Homes

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

  • Food Production/Processing

  • Spas, Athletic and Health Clubs

  • Restaurants

  • Car Washes

  • Ultra-Pure Water

Commercial/ Industrial Products 
& Technologies

  • ​ASTM, USP, NCCLS, CAP, ANSI, AAMI water systems

  • Softeners

  • Carbon filtration/filters

  • Dealkalization/

  • Dealkalizers

  • Deionization- automatic and portable exchange services

  • Electro-deionization/EDI or CDI

  • Filtration Multi-Media, Carbon, Sub-Micron, Cartridges

  • Lab and high-purity water applications

  • ​Membrane systems: nano-filtration, ultra-filtration

  • Multi-media/Depth Filters

  • Process/Production water systems

  • Reclaim/recycled water systems

  • Reverse Osmosis membrane systems

  • Softeners

  • Sub-Micron Filtration/filters

  • Ultra-pure Water

  • UV (Ultraviolet) water systems

  • Water softeners/softening

Professional Services

  • ​Repair (all brands and technologies)

  • Repair/replacement parts

  • Preventative maintenance contracts

  • Service agreements

  • Salt Delivery (automatic periodic or on-call basis)

  • Equipment sales, rental and leasing

  • ​Engineering/system design

  • ​Portable exchange deionization (DI) services

  • Biological control/sanitization

  • Resin/media analysis and re-bedding

  • Chemical treatment

  • Start-Up of equipment and/or systems

PDFs With More Information

Commercial Hallet UV

More About Commercial Services

​In commercial businesses like restaurants and pubs (food and beverage service), hotels/motels (hospitality) and other examples, using the proper quality of water makes a substantial difference in the quality of the results.

Make Beverages
Clean Dishes & Tableware
Make Soups
Feed Your Water Heater
Make Ice
Prevent Lime Build-Up
Steamers And/Or Boiler

The proper water treatment systems will yield better results and saves money. Call or contact us for a free water system review and water analysis. Let us show you how to get better results and save money!


H2O Solutions sells, services, and installs water treatment equipment and water analysis for residential and light commercial applications in the upstate New York area.

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