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Clean Air Systems in Mechanicville, New York

Imagine a 90% cleaner home in just 30 minutes!

Say goodnight to dangerous indoor contaminates!

The Clean Station is the World's Most Powerful DFS-Disinfecting Filtration System with a Germ Killing Destruction Rate of 94-100% and a Better than 99.99% Particle Capture at 0.3 Micron size. Better Than HEPA Efficiency!

Did you know that it is 200%–500% more polluted inside than outside? According to the EPA, "Indoor air pollution is on of the top five risks to our health."

We take approximately 22,000 breaths a day. With each breath we inhale about 45,000–75,000 particles of pollutants:

  • dust mites and micro-organisms

  • pet dander

  • pollen

  • smoke

  • viruses

  • dangerous bacteria, mod, and fungi

  • deadly chemicals

  • household products

  • pesticides

  • ammonia, alcohol, formaldehyde, ect.


Health Effects Associated with Pollutants

90% of our day is spent indoors. We breath in 36lbs. of DIRTY AIR per day!
Indoor air pollutants affect ALL of the US—even the healthy!

According to American Demographics, "Asthma has increased 160% in the past 15 years. Over 20 million Americans have asthma and over 40 million Americans have allergies."

  • burning/itching eyes, nose, and throat

  • headache and nausea

  • sneezing, cold, and fatigue

  • flu like symptoms

  • difficulty breathing and wheezing

  • allergy and asthma like symptoms

  • mucus filled sinuses and lungs

  • lung cancer from smoke and chemicals

  • possible death

Dust Mites

Invisible dust mites fill the air. Millions of these microscopic nasty creatures, and their waste, are present in a single ounce of dust. They raise havoc with your breathing and cause damage to your health. Dust mites are found in every home and office!


Protect yourself and your family against airborne contaminates.

Advanced Medical Grade Air Cleaning System

  • Better than HEPA efficiency—99.99% collection at the 0.3 micron size particles

  • FDA listed Class II Medical Device (ISO9001:2 CE CSA UL EMI)

  • independent medical lab test indicates:

    • virus killing rate of 99%–100%

    • bacteria kill rate of 98%–100%

    • mold/fungi kill rate of 94%–100%

    • plus, this system included's an exclusive 8 stage filtration system with a powerful 6 stage chemical adsorption filter for VOC/gas scrubbing

  • each unit is individually tested and certified to be better than HEPA efficiency

You Can Expect

  • a cleaner fresh smelling home

  • less dust and dander, pollen particles, mite and mite waste, bacteria, mold, and fungi

  • less dangerous airborne micro-organisms, chemicals, and gases

  • ease of operation and maintenance


FDA Listed Class II Medical Device

This powerful unit is designed with the chemically sensitive in mind. The Clean Station-DFS is the ultimate in air purification systems for cleaning airborne particles, micro-organisms. and gases for a healthier indoor air environment.